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Mendes Mediation

Conflicts...             ...can be solved.

     We can help with:

  • Neighbor v. Neighbor issues

  • Landlord v. Tenant issues

  • Coop v. Shareholder issues

  • Noise Complaints

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Mendes Mediation

  • Time efficient (usually just one session under 2 hours)

  • Cost efficient (less time at lower rate than a court process)

  • Potential of mutually agreeable solution for both parties

Mediation is a voluntary, confidential process aimed at assisting parties in finding a mutually agreeable resolution to their differences. A mediator is not a judge, but rather assists the parties in a neutral manner in identifying the key issues of concern to them -- and helping them explore potential ideas and solutions which the parties may have for reaching a resolution. While each mediation is different, the process often can take place in a single session.
Joshua Mendes has been a mediator for over 10 years, during which time he has overseen more than 70 cases. He received his basic mediation training at Columbia University, advanced mediation training through the New York State Unified Court System, and  advanced  commercial  mediation  training  at
the New York City Bar Association. He currently serves as a mediator in the Bronx County Small Claims Court.

Tel: 212-744-7847

What is mediation and how is it different from arbitration or going to court?

  • voluntary. Either of the parties can stop at anytime.

  • confidential. Whatever the parties say in the room stays there.

  • Parties together decide on a solution -- with assistance of the mediator.

How does mediation work in practical terms?


  • Parties sit at a table across from each other

  • Each party has the opportunity to share their thoughts freely Each party also to hear the thoughts of the party.

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